Every person should have access to safe, affordable water and sanitation. No person shall be denied access to basic water and sanitation services based on ability to pay, race, age, or gender. All state and local criminal law provisions that criminalize lack of access to safe affordable water and sanitation are a violation of constitutional due process and equal access guarantees.

The People’s Movement for Safe, Affordable Water and Sanitation in United States

Whose Water documents the relationships between democracy and access to safe, affordable water and sanitation, and the various forms of community organizing deployed by communities lacking the political power to obtain their human right to water. The documentary is produced in partnership with the National Coalition for Legislation on Affordable Water, with an advisory board of coalition members. Communities visited include Martin County, KY; Lowndes County, AL; Des Moines, IA; Allensworth, CA; Navajo Nation; Philadelphia, PA and Detroit, MI.