Existing Legislation

AB 685 Human Right to Water Act of California of 2012 [existing link] The bill establishes the human right to water as a policy of the state and requires all state agencies to consider the human right to water when revising, adopting, or establishing policies, regulations, and grant criteria.

AB 401 Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program of 2015
This bill requires relevant state agencies to develop a plan for the funding and implementation of the Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program no later than January 1, 2018.



Pending Legislation

Michigan Water Is A Human Right Bill Package Summary

H.B. 5093 Transparency
The bill will increase transparency by requiring water providers to submit an annual report to DHHS regarding water rates and how they were determined, along with information about shut-offs in the previous year.

H.B. 5094 Pre-flushing Testing Prohibited
This bill stipulates that the DEQ and all water authorities must be compliant with EPA guidelines and it mandates that procedurally no entity including DEQ will be permitted to use pre-flushing as a water sample collecting method.

H.B. 5095,  H.B. 5096 Decriminalization
Decriminalizes the act of re-connecting water service (because of a shut-off due to inability to pay) from a five year felony to a civil infraction for a first or second offense and a misdemeanor for the third offense. HB 5096 changes the statute; HB 5095 changes the sentencing guidelines.

H.B. 5097S.B. 678 Affordability
Addresses the water rate structure that unduly burdens low-income residents by amending the social welfare act to create a residential water affordability program within DHHS in order to ensure that water bills are based on household income.

H.B. 5101 / S. B. 643: Michigan Human Right to Water Act
Establishes that each individual in Michigan has the right to safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes. Status: Awaiting hearing in the House Committee on Local Government or Senate Government Operations Committee.

H.B. 5110 Timely Billing Required
Allows some customers, who have not received a water bill by ten days after the end of the billing period, to no longer be responsible for paying that bill if s/he contacted the department in writing twice and the department did not respond within 30 days.

H.B. 5120 Public Notification of Unsafe Drinking Water Required
The bill requires that for Tier II drinking water violations, the DEQ and responsible water authority have 72 hours from firmly identifying a Tier II water episode and notifying the public.

H.B. 5122 / S.B. 655 Shut-off Protections
Institutes shut- off protections for low income seniors, families with young children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities, and provides for clearer notices about potential shutoffs.

H.B. 5177 Drinking Water Access
Requires access points for safe drinking water to be available in places where residents are not supplied municipal water hook ups.

H.B. 5178 Continuous Billing
This bill will require that each customer’s account for water or sewage services be billed on a regular basis, as determined by the city, regardless of whether their account is considered current or delinquent.